Amokian Tronics

These are some bent units by Igor Amokian. He has made these from some salvaged projects and parts from when I purged my storage and bench.

Coleco Talking Teacher

Features: Pitch up/down, LFO (pitch, depth, rate, shape), 1 Lockable loop, 8 keypress loops/glitches/etc, Op amp sudo gain mod, Sudo high pass mod, Reset (not nessesary, Lazer glitch wakes it up), 1/8 mono out and volume. 


Lo-FI Looper (Saw 3)

Lo-Fi Looper (Saw 3)
Circuit Bent Electronic Recorder

Marshal MS-2 + Belkin Tunecast 2

Marshal MS-2 w internal Belkin Tunecast 2

Vtech Alpha-App

Circuit Bent Vtech Toy
LFO: pitch, depth amount, rate and shape
Pitch drop switch
1/4 Mono output with volume control

DSI starblaster

D.S.I. Starblaster
Pitch up/down
Four pitch modes Stock, high, low and ultra low
audition button
loop lock switch
1/8 Mono output
Modified flashlight barrel (for LDR sync)